Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

Session three address how and why communities are built! In a professional family, the focus is on health and purpose. Without intentionality, your communities will be more about protection and exclusion. If you're going to attract and keep stars on your team, you've got to look past your mirror.



Take Action

What do most communities in your organization resemble? Drop your answer(s) in the comments.

  1. A house of mirrors: Everyone looks like me
  2. A fun house: We are all about playtime
  3. A henhouse: There's a lot of squawking going on!
  4. A frat house: No girls allowed!
  5. A school house: We learn together
  6. A lighthouse: We help each other navigate
  7. A courthouse: We judge anyone not like us
  8. An outhouse: We are full of ...

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